Be supervised as a coach

Do you need support as a therapist or a coach?

  1. Do you feel like you have lost your passion for your job?

  2. Do you feel exhausted when the session is over, and your client is gone?

  3. Do you feel lost in the face of some resistance or blockages from your clients?

  4. Do you feel any isolation as a practitioner of a method that is little used in your area?

  5. Is it difficult for you to receive help or ask for it because it gives you the feeling weakening you?


The qualities I put at your service as a facilitator of "SuperVision" are:


1. The flexibility provided by different tools I use and my ability to move from theory to practice;

2. A perspective based on systemic which allows you to see your situation from many different points of view;

3. An ability to work with different cultures by switching from one to another;

4. An openness to learn with the people I support and new situations that come up;

5. Specific attention to the systemic context of any problem and its impact on the therapeutic and supervisory process;

6. A sense of humour, humility and patience.

In individual or group but always online!

I offer you to start with a free individual meeting of 30 minutes (value £60 ) to see if I am the right person to supervise you. You are unique, and you need a service adapted to your needs: together we see the formula that will suit you best.