My Journey

20 years of expertise and know-how at the service of your relationship balance

After 15 years of practice with groups and individuals, I developed an online version in 2015. So I was able to realise the powerful potential of remote consultations and training. This is why, in 2019, I created the Academy of Systemic and Relationship Coaching which offers complete certifying training allowing students to start an online practice at the end of their training.

Orianne Corman SUPERVISION

What is a systemic and relationship coach?

Nowadays, modern life with its multiple challenges, the feelings of insecurity, the constant changes and various demands have taken a heavy toll on the duration of our relationships, especially in our love-life.

These have become more complex and therefore riskier. Families and society as a whole are no longer here to restrict and limit us as individuals so everyone is free to come and go as they wish. 

People want more from their relationships which leads to more breakups.

The role of the Systemic & Relationship Coach is to support people in search of harmony and confidence, help them to understand how relationships work, and to develop new relationships and social skills.

The Systemic & Relationship Coaching Course offers tools as well as personalized support to create healthy and lasting relationships, the essential basis for a fulfilling family, and happy life.

A life dedicated to relationships and systems

After studying art and history as well as horticulture, I quickly understood that my passion was to support people in their interpersonal and family relationships.

At the age of 23, my first introspection process by following Jungian psychoanalysis for 2 years, then I discovered kinesiology for which I was so passionate that I became an advanced Trainer, and created my first school in Belgium.


Always in search of effective tools, I discovered the Family Constellations process which I have been practising since 2004.

Yet it was my private life that made me understand the essentials about relationships.

Indeed, I went through four separations including one divorce and had 4 children with two of my partners. Since 2012 I am in a relationship with my 5th partner.


I have been sharing my discoveries and my experience for many years already during video trainings, coaching sessions, seminars, webinars, and articles with those like me who wish to live a fulfilling life surrounded by trustworthy and loving people. 

My purpose: supporting you in becoming amazing peace facilitators 

Through my difficult history and the many sufferings, I went through, I developed great empathy. I like to listen without judgment to allow the person who consults me to reclaim her own power.


When bad choices or the hardships of life have damaged self-confidence and in others to the point of no longer believing in love, calling on someone outside your circle of friends will be of great help. The impartiality of the Systemic & Relationship Coach allows you to regain self-confidence and to love again.


My professional development has also led me to support care professionals such as doctors, psychotherapists, coaches, nurses, etc. Those practitioners do not often have the opportunity to explore their practice and their feelings or doubts without damaging their credibility and reputation. “SuperVision" is an essential tool to support care professionals and prevent Burn-Out.


The methods that I have been practicing for almost 20 years with great success for myself and my clients, have been proven for more than 40 years, be it Family Constellations, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Kinesiology, Transactional Analysis or EFT.

A unique method that saves a lot of time

My approach is very efficient while remaining gentle and respectful.

It consists of 3 fundamental cornerstones:

1. Healing the wounds due to betrayals and disloyalties. For this, I use, amongst other tools, Family Constellations and EFT during residential seminars or individual online sessions.

2. Learning to create healthy relationships, using Transactional Analysis, Systemic Coaching, and NLP. Online training courses are offered on a regular basis.

3. Deprogramming limiting beliefs and reprogramming choices that strengthen self-confidence and assertiveness.

Getting results that truly will change your life

1. You make peace with yourself and with your family history 

2. You forgive yourself which gives you self-confidence.

3. You get to know each other which is essential to build fulfilling relationships..

4. You believe that it is once again possible to live healthy relationships with your colleagues, relatives, and friends.

5. You become attractive to the right people for you.

6. You are able to distinguish between those who make you feel good and those who weaken you.

7. You are able to say no when it is the best thing for you to say.

8. Your children are part of the adventure and have their place in creating a harmonious blended family.

My learnings

- Massage californien, Shiatsu, Réflexologie plantaire, Relaxation Coréenne ( Benoit de Pierpont 1995)
- Praticien PNL (Alain Moenaert - Institut Ressources - 1998)
- Kinésiologie One Brain - Advanced Facilitator Trainer. (Francine Dulière et Dominique Monette 1999)
- Wellness Kinesiology - Stress Release 1 & 2 ( Francis Larcher 1999)
- Symbio-kinésiologie (André Malachane 1999)
- Phyto-spagyrie (Toni Ceron 2000)
- Chironic Healing Level 1 &2  (Trevor D. Creed 2001)
- Constellations Familiales et d'Organisation ( Alfred Ramoda Austermann 2003-2004)
- Train the trainer ( T.Harv Eker 2010)
- Ecstatic Awakening Dance Teacher (Rebecca Hanscombe 2014)
- Systemic Coaching and Constellations - Fundamentals & Essentials (John Whittington 2015)
- Align Somatic Level One ( Tanya Fitzpatrick 2015)
- Permaculture Design Course (Josh Gomez 2016)
- Moon Mother ( Miranda Gray 2016)
- Unveiling Menopause ( Alexandra Pope 2016) 
Systemic Constellations  (Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Zagreb, 2016)
- Systemic Constellations  ( Cecilio Fernandez Regojo, Lovran, 2018)
- Family and Organisational Constellations  (Gerhard Walper, London, 2018)
- Jade Egg and Chi-gong practices for women ( Anamarta Antunes, 2015-2019)
- Online Course Family Constellations (Bertold Ulsamer, 2019)
- Systemic and Collective intelligence ( Brussels, 2020)